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Your Lie in April 1Your Lie in April is a story that is about a junior high piano prodigy Kousei Arima and violinist prodigy Kaori Miyazono. Kousei was once the best piano player for his age in all Japan but his mother worked him at the piano like a dog and even physically abused him to get him to that point. She gets really sick and dies and so Kousei gives up on the piano because he thinks he can’t play because it reminds him too much of his mother. That is until he is introduced to Kaori Miyazono by his childhood friend Tsubaki Sawabe. Tsubaki tells Kousei that Kaori likes Kousei’s other friend Ryouta Watari. A sort of love….I guess square(?)… begins. Kaori chooses Kousei to be her accompanist for her recital. After that she gets Kousei competing in piano competitions again. Things start to look up but life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Things start taking a turn for the worst and Kousei goes back to his old ways but he learns that he is never alone and that music can help express the things words can’t.

Ok, so I’ll just apologize now for that synopsis. That was about as spoiler free as you can get with it but it doesn’t do the story enough justice. Your Lie in April has a very rich and moving story. All the rumors and tidbits you’ve heard on the story are a little exaggerated in my opinion but they are mostly true. If this story doesn’t stir some sort of emotion inside you then nothing probably will. Your Lie in April tugs at your heartstrings much like the strings of a violin. It’s a rich combination of drama, slice of life, redemption, romance, and even comedy. This show will make you laugh and then 10 minutes later bring you on the verge of crying. This show puts your emotions on a roller coaster and you just have to hang on for the ride. The story isn’t without it’s problems. There are some very big plot holes towards the end that I was kind of disappointed in. Unfortunately I can’t go into much detail about it without giving some serious spoilers. The next big thing is that the last few minutes feel pretty rushed honestly. It would’ve been better if they slowed down to let the viewer collect their emotions and process what’s going on but you aren’t given very much time for that. Also the whole love square thing seems sort of forced at times and it eventually becomes a love triangle because one person kinda takes themselves out of the running but one of the other characters hangs on which can drag on sometimes but it does add to the drama. All in all though the story is a thing of true beauty. There are parts that will move you and parts that you’ll laugh at but it all blends together beautifully to make a one of a kind story.


Your Lie in April 2The main four characters for Your Lie in April fit the show very well. They are all broken in some way, shape, or form and are searching for a way to fix themselves. They lean on each other a lot and that is what the story is all about. Kousei, Kaori, Watari, and Tsubaki are great main characters for this type of story although I have to admit that Watari could’ve used a little more development or backstory but he was still he’s a great character. The supporting characters in Your Lie in April do what their namesake says and provide excellent support to the main characters. They are really the pillars that hold the main four up and make them shine. Just when you think that one of the main four are going to break there’s one of the supporting characters around to help them out and push them forward. The thing that felt was missing when I got about halfway through was that this show was missing a villain of sorts or someone to hinder the progress of Kousei and Kaori but then I realized that they themselves are that very thing. That right there is how complex the characters are in Your Lie in April. They twist and turn around each other battling their inner doubts and their pasts to bring out the very best of themselves. The connections that each character shares is what makes this show the emotional roller coaster that it is. The connections seem strong but are actually very fragile just like the characters themselves. The main four are actually living examples of the story itself. As much as I try not to like the main character the most my favorite character was Kousei. Honestly you can’t hate him. You find yourself rooting for him when things are bad and his character just has a way of making you feel what he feels. Kaori is pretty cool too and honestly without her you don’t have Kousei and vice versa. Honestly the only character I didn’t like was Kousei’s mom. I just couldn’t stand her for how she treated Kousei but without all that you wouldn’t have the story of Your Lie in April. When you watch Your Lie in April you’ll immediately get a feel for the characters and become immersed in them. I absolutely loved the characters in Your Lie in April and I’m sure you’ll like them too.


Your Lie in April 3With a show about music you better have a great soundtrack. Your Lie in April doesn’t disappoint. None of the opening and closing songs were really my type of music but I loved them anyway. They fit perfectly into the theme of Your Lie in April both melodically and lyrically. The songs are really beautiful melodically and make you sway along to their rhythm. Lyrically they are absolutely amazing. They fit the story perfectly and can sometimes get to you if you happen to hear them after certain parts. My favorite song out of all them was the first opening that was uploaded to the site earlier. For those of you who didn’t see the post it’s called Hikaru Nara by Goose House. In fact I liked it so much I’m listening to it as I write this review! If your a fan of classical music then you’ll love the music that is played in the show. Kousei, Kaori, and the other musicians in the show all play classical masterpieces and the songs are absolutely amazing. The songs that each character picks is relative to what they are either feeling or how they want others to feel and this really comes through in the music. Even if you don’t like classical music you won’t be able to deny that at least the songs go well with the story. Musically Your Lie in April is a masterpiece.

Voice Acting

Your Lie in April 4(I watched the dubbed version of Your Lie in April) The voice cast for Your Lie in April was honestly not what I expected when first saw images of the show on the internet but I believe that they were the right choices for the show now. What surprised me the most was that Patrick Seitz was the ADR director and he voiced some of the extras in the show. He is mostly known for the tough badass type of character and to hear his voice in a show like this was a surprise and to see that he was one of the people behind it’s dubbing was an even bigger shock. I realize now that he knew what he was doing and he chose excellent voice actors and helped make an amazing show for people who watch dubbed anime. The voice cast consists of Max Mittelman, Erica Lindbeck, Erica Mendez, Kyle McCarley, Erika Harlacher, Erik Kimerer, and Stephanie Sheh. The cast is mostly up and coming talent that all are in some newer dubs and they are rising and if you watch Your Lie in April you’ll see why. The most established of them is Stephanie Sheh and she plays a supporting character so I feel like Patrick Seitz took a risk and tried to let some newer talent shine and it paid off in spades. Crying is one of the hardest things to get to sound right and Max Mittleman, Erica Lindbeck, and Erica Mendez nailed those scenes. They played the characters that cried the most and they did an amazing job and really move you. It’s performances like that; that make people emotionally attached to a show. The risk was worth it and Your Lie in April is all the better for it.


Your Lie in April is an emotional ride that will make you experience every spectrum of emotion imaginable. The show is absolutely stunning visually and is really a work of art. The characters make you hang on the edge of your seat rooting for them. They are absolutely amazing to watch. The soundtrack will move you along with the story and the classical pieces in the show are wonderful. If you enjoy music you’ll be treated. The internet exaggerated the sadness aspect of the show a little bit in my opinion but that doesn’t mean you won’t be moved. I didn’t ball like most people online seemed to but I’ll admit I teared up. It’s been awhile since a show has made me feel this way. A part of that is because of the great voice acting in the show. Every voice actor was phenomenal and I have no complaints. The story has some major plot holes towards the end but it doesn’t ruin the story too much. Your Lie in April is 1 season with 22 episodes. When all is said and done even if you’re not moved by the story I think you’ll still enjoy Your Lie in April. It’s a true masterpiece and because of that I’m giving it a 9.5/10!

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