TAG Fest 3.0 Recap

TAG Fest 3.0 was held in Toledo, Ohio on Saturday at the SeaGate Convention Center. TAG Fest stands for Toldeo Anime and Gaming Festival and is sponsored by Glass City Con. Since it’s only about 45 minutes from our hometown, we here at Unleashtheanime decided to check it out. At first glance it’s a very small convention with the first floor being tables for other cons advertising for their respective convention. A little ways down the hall there is a dealer room/artist alley area. There were some pretty awesome dealers/artists selling everything from authentic Japanese kimonos to pocky and Ramunade. There were some pretty good artists as well with some amazing prints for sale. We even recognized a couple from ColossalCon. There were some dealers selling some really cool figures and one vendor had just about any DVD/Blu-ray you could ever want.

After you got your fill from the dealer room, you had to hop on the elevator and head to the next floor to see the rest of the convention. up on the 2nd floor there was a room for the panels that were available. These seemed to be just like most panels from every other cons so it was nice to see a smaller con be able to keep the content of the panels up. The next room down the hall was a room where you could fight in cosplay with foam weapons for a dollar or two. We watched a session and it seemed to be really fun and they even were lax about the cosplay part as there were people who didn’t cosplay taking part as well. This was something we hadn’t seen at a convention before and it looked to be really fun so if you see something like this at a convention you’re attending we recommend you try it out. The next room was a game room with several video games set up as well as a table top area. We stopped here to play a round of MTG and unwind. There were a couple dealers in this room who were selling cards and supplies. One vendor really caught our eye with awesome wooden deck boxes and dice holders. He also had some awesome RPG accessories that he makes with a 3D printer. He was really cool about answering questions we had and the quality of his products were fantastic. The last room on the floor was a screening room where they were showing certain shows/movies at scheduled times sponsored by Sentai Filmworks. Again not really something that’s normally seen at a con so it was cool that they had a room where you could go in and chill while watching some anime with fellow anime fans.

That was the extent to what TAG Fest 3.0 had to offer. We had a really good time and with admission only being $5 for the whole day it was a real nice value. It’s a very small convention so for those that are only used to big cons you may be slightly disappointed but it does have things that many large cons don’t have so you may find something you like. Overall it appeared to be a big advertisement for Glass City Con but then again they do sponsor the event. Still it’s really fun and is pretty nice to kill that hangover between cons. Will this con have everything you’re going to want out of a con? No. What it will have is some fun events, great vendors and artists, and plenty of what the best thing about conventions are; great attendees. Next year if you’re in the Toledo area and want a nice affordable way to have some fun on a Saturday then go to TAG Fest and chill with some great anime fans.

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