So….Where’s the Dub?

The anime community has always been split between dubbed and subbed anime. I’m not really here to debate which one is better and in my personal opinion I like both but will watch dubbed if available. Speaking of available this brings me to the main point of this article: the availability of dubbed episodes. For those who only watch dubbed they know that your choice is very limited in terms of what anime you can watch while the fans of subbed only pretty much have free reign over what anime they can watch. This is the major point that people bring up when debating the two. For people like me who are a fan of both if a show isn’t dubbed or the dub hasn’t caught up to the subbed yet then we can just switch back and forth at will. The exception is when you really fall in love with a voice cast and you don’t want to watch the show without them. This is how I feel about the show Fairy Tail. I have no problem with the Japanese cast for Fairy Tail as they are really good but I absolutely love the English Dub cast and it just doesn’t feel the same without the dubbed voices. I found that the English Dub for Fairy Tail 2 stops at episode 68 and picks back up again at episode 91. So it basically skips the whole Tartaros Arc which any Fairy Tail fan knows is freaking amazing! My question is why skip that episode range? I’m not trying to sound like I’m complaining it’s just frustrating as a fan to skip so many episodes. For those that are in the same boat as me keep your ears peeled for more news. Thanks for listening to my little rant and see you guys next time!

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