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Boku HSo, I Can’t Play H? (Boku- H for short) is about a high school student named Ryousuke Kaga who is a proud pervert. He has a reputation in the school for being obsessed with women and even has a club dedicated to women. One day walking home from school he sees a girl standing out in the rain in front of his house. Wanting to lend a helping hand and possibly seeing his chance to get lucky he invites the girl into his house to get her out of the rain and some dry clothes. The girl introduces herself as Lisara Restall and then….proceeds to stab Ryousuke with a sword in the chest. This doesn’t kill Ryousuke but instead makes him a contracted servant of Lisara who turns out to be a shinigami. She takes his driving force and uses it as energy to stay in the human world. It just so happens that Ryousuke’s driving force is his libido. Lisara explains that she is in search of The One; someone with extraordinary energy levels so she can make a contract with them to save her world. She also explains she has only 3 months to do it because that’s all the longer Ryousuke is expected to live! Lisara tells Ryousuke that with the help of The One she can save him. This starts the two’s journey to look for The One. They meet friend and foe alike along their journey and even more shinigami show up and want to partner with Ryousuke for their own personal reasons. With a small window of time Ryousuke and Lisara must hurry up and find The One!

So, I Can’t Play H gave me a heavy High School DxD kind of vibe when I first read about it but it turns out that I found very little similarities between the two other than the nudity. Can’t Play H starts out with your typical ecchi harem male lead and then gives him another familiar situation where he trusts a girl and then pays for it. I kind of liked the fact that he doesn’t end up dead like Issei does in DxD and just goes on “living” in the human world without any consequences (My only real complaint about that show). I found the show borderline episodic. Honestly except for the countdown to when Ryousuke dies and the change of setting in episodes 9 and 10 I wouldn’t really be able to tell the episodes are related. I thought that the whole countdown to when Ryousuke dies was cool at first but then they didn’t really act rushed half of the time and when they did it was practically too late. I will say though that at the end, while it may have seemed too late, it did add some nice drama and even flared up some romance that a lot of ecchi harems lack. My biggest complaint about the story though, is the inconsistent fighting scenes. Lisara is supposed to be top of her class and be this great fighter but until she takes energy from Ryousuke she almost gets rocked everytime but then when she does get energy from Ryousuke she kills whatever enemy it is in one shot. I know that this is supposed to show and strengthen the bond the two share but it just felt too inconsistent for my liking. I thought that the pacing of the story was fine for the type of show it was and it didn’t really feel like there was a lot of “wasted time” in the show except for some of the fan service scenes but in a show like this you should just come to expect scenes like that. The lack of a main villain was kind of a disappointment for me because it would’ve made the story better if there was a main villain to try and stop Lisara and Ryousuke but instead the show went for a couple smaller level villains instead which I guess left a little more room for some character development. One thing I kind of admired about the show is that it showed fan service and didn’t try and to make people think of it as anything but that. Some shows will try and disguise fan service by making it sound artistic or essential but Can’t Play H pretty much just said “here’s some naked girls there you go” and in a weird sort of way I admire that kind of honesty. I found the story decently enjoyable for an ecchi harem anime but I saw more potential for the show that I wish that the producers would’ve taken advantage of. Mainly the romance aspect of the story is what I’m referring to. Surprisingly this show has a good romance story that really kept my attention at the end. I think that if you watch Can’t Play H you’ll either hate right off the bat or you’ll like it and stick around. With shows like this there isn’t really a gray area. For me I enjoyed it but wished it would’ve been more.


Boku H 2Most harem ecchi shows don’t really have a whole lot of good characters or character development and so for that reason I was shocked at how much character development Can’t Play H had. Now I’m not saying that the character development was phenomenal or outstanding but for the type of show that it is the development is pretty decent. Ryousuke and Lisara’s development is what is focused on the most and that’s done by putting emphasis on the bond the two slowly develop. Towards the end of the show you start seeing a different side to them both that makes you wonder if they’re the same characters from the first part of the series. Ryousuke’s development was handled the best in my opinion because of how smooth his transition was. I liked Lisara’s a lot too but at one point I was kind of wondering if they skipped a step, so to speak, but they correct that by just explaining it to you. It was funny to see Ryousuke revert back to his perverted self after all the drama had stopped and have everything seem to go back to normal. In terms of who I think Ryousuke should’ve been with I was happy with that outcome and it actually helped make him a better character in a way because of what he had to go through to get to that point. The other three girl’s in Ryousuke’s harem have very little development in my book especially his childhood friend Mina. She basically stayed the same throughout the entire thing and really kind of got annoying because of the fact she was stopping the development of Lisara and Ryousuke. I felt bad for her but at the same time I was annoyed by her just because of how stale she was during some of the most intense moments in the show. The girl besides Lisara in Ryousuke’s harem that had the most development was probably Iria and it wasn’t even towards Ryousuke. Lisara and Iria are bitter rivals but grow to be good friends. While that development was small it was better than what the other two girls had. My favorite character in the show is probably Ryousuke because of how funny he is but when it’s time to get serious the guy doesn’t mess around and will do anything to protect his friends. Lisara is a close second but as I said earlier her inconsistent power levels got on my nerves but I really liked her personality and she’s a pretty decent example of a tsundere done right.


Boku H 3The soundtrack for Can’t Play H was pretty funny. The songs sounded serious but if you read the lyrics they made you laugh. I think that this contradiction between how the song sounded compared to what they were actually about just added to the humor. Well I should say that the opening was pretty funny. The ending song was actually a kind of serious song. The opening song was basically an erotic song talking about two people becoming one and it was filled with a bunch of dirty lyrics. The song was basically a song for Ryousuke and his hyper active libido. If you’d hear the song and didn’t know what the lyrics were saying then you’d think it was some upbeat J-Pop song with some cool guitar thrown in. The sound almost sounds like the beginning to an adventure type show in my opinion so the conflict of sound and lyrics kind got my attention. It still isn’t a song I’d download but it was enjoyable. The ending was basically another J-Pop song but this time it was told, pretty much, through Lisara’s point of view and how she doesn’t want to fall in love but can’t help it and giving in to her feelings. The ending animation for this song is kind of a spoiler honestly and so is the song. I didn’t really like that part about it but I can’t deny that the song itself was pretty catchy. Overall the soundtrack wasn’t the worst I’ve heard and it sometimes proved to be entertaining.

Voice Acting

Boku H 4So, I Can’t Play H is only subbed at this point. I thought that the voice acting for the show was pretty decent. There were a few times where I questioned a tone of a voice or just the sound in general but overall it was good. I didn’t really recognize any of the voices so while doing research I noticed that many of the voice actors in Can’t Play H have been in big shows just with small roles and most of those shows I had only seen dubbed so I didn’t recognize their voices. I know this is probably getting repetitive here but Lisara and Ryousuke’s voice actors were probably the best and they should be. The show focuses on them the most so they had to be heavily invested in those two characters. The other voice actors were pretty good too but as I said you can easily tell who the invested characters are in the series. Overall I can’t really complain about the voice acting in the show nor is there really much to say about it.


If I’m going to be watching a show with plenty of fan service I want the art to look good and So, I Can’t Play H delivers with really good art. The show is centered around it’s fan service and doesn’t try to hide that fact and will put it in your face whether you like it or not. The story line is actually very good for this genre and kept me hooked. The amount of drama and romance in the show is actually some nice seasoning to it to make it more than just another ecchi harem show. The inconsistent fighting is kind of a drawback that could’ve easily been fixed. The characters are pretty good and I love the the bond that forms between the two leads and the reaction of the three other girls to this bond. The soundtrack was catchy and the voice acting was solid so not much else to say there. The show had potential that it didn’t capitalize on and I feel like another season would’ve maybe been the way to capitalize on it but unfortunately we’re stuck with one season. The light novels do go past the point of the anime so if you’re interested I’d pick up the light novels. So, I Can’t Play H is one season with 12 episodes, a recap episode in between episodes 7 and 8, and has an OVA so a total of 14 episodes to watch. I’d recommend this show to anyone who likes comedy, ecchi harems, and isn’t offended by nudity. Also the romance part of the show may also interest people. Overall I’m giving So, I Can’t Play H a 7/10! 

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