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Sekirei DVD InlaySekirei is a story about a boy named Minato Sahashi who has just failed his college entrance exam for the second time even though he has some of the best grades in his class. As he walks home from the exam results he his suddenly hit by a woman falling from the sky who introduces herself as Musubi. Musubi says that she is something called a Sekirei and the Minato is called her Ashikabi. They are thrust into a battle tournament with other Sekirei and Ashikabi. Musubi gradually adds more Sekirei to his “collection” as more and more Sekirei have reactions to him. In the story of Sekirei having a reaction to someone is almost the same thing as falling in love with them although in some cases that isn’t the case and is more out of respect than love. The entire event is run by a man who owns a company called MBI strictly because he wishes to be entertained. Not all Ashikabi and Sekirei wish to be part of this game and so they try to escape or hide until this game is over. The story of Sekirei reallys focuses on Minato and his Sekirei trying to beat the game while at the same time avoiding other Sekirei and Ashikabi pairs. Without giving too much a way I will say it is painfully obvious another season was planned but apparently isn’t going to happen. Either that or they are just taking a long time to release it. I will say that this anime is a harem anime with a lot of nudity so watching it with the family probably isn’t such a good idea. The fact that there is “fan service” will probably turn some people away right away but I will say that the story doesn’t need the fan service to make it good. The story itself is really good. I would call the fan service parts more of a “bonus” more or less if that’s your thing. If you liked High School DxD then you’ll like Sekirei.  Sekirei is 2 seasons with the first one being 12 episodes long and the second one being 14 episodes long for a total of 26 episodes.


Sekirei 2I found the characters of Sekirei to be really lovable and you really start connecting with them in a way. It was really cool to see the growth of Minato throughout the show. He started out as your typical harem lead being wimpy and crying all the time but by the end of the first season he fights along side his Sekirei and is willing to die in order to save them. With the same devotion that Minato shows his Sekirei they give it back to him in spades. The six Sekirei that Minato eventually bonds with all are devoted to him and will do anything for him. This often provides the viewer with some comic relief as Minato’s Sekireis try to fight for his affection with contests of various kinds or just flat out seduce him and then get in trouble by the boarding house directo Mya. Speaking of Mya I found her character to be very interesting because her backstory is kept for the most part a secret until the end and is only revealed through flashbacks brought on by the interactions between Minato and his Sekireis. Whenever Minato and his Sekireis would go off to do something dangerous Mya would always tell them to come back so that she could collect their rent. I thought that this was an interesting way to show compassion for a character who tries her best to stay out of the business of her attendants. Now I could go on about each of Minato’s Sekireis but that would probably get pretty tiresome. His six Sekirei are Musubi, Kusano or Ku for short, Matsu, Tsukiumi, Kazehana, and Homura. Matsu, Kazehana, Homura, and Tsukuimi are all single number Sekirei which are believed to be the strongest Sekirei. On a personal not I have to say that my two favorite Sekirei that Minato had were Kazehana and Tsukuimi while my favorite character for the series was Karou Seo who is a character that becomes a friend to Minato. The more you watch this show the more you will love the characters; even the villain.


Sekirei 3The soundtrack is pretty generic for the first season but the second season soundtrack is really good. I like how the opening and closing theme songs have the Japanese voice actresses for Musubi, Matsu, Ku, and Tsukuimi singing them. This actually made me watch the second season in both English and Japanese. The fight scenes for the second season were made better by the music that played during them. It wasn’t anything special just some generic fighting music but for some reason when it played I really got into the action scenes. The same goes for the sad scenes. The second season soundtrack really did a nice job of adding to the show and made up for the average soundtrack of the first season.


Sekirei 4Visually Sekirei is very well done. The CGI is good as far as I could tell and the animations flowed together nicely. There were no problems with the animation in my opinion. The character designs were good and the fight scenes looked great. The skyline that is constantly shown in the show was really cool to see in different lighting and the people in charge of that area did an amazing job of giving the same skyline so many looks. Also when the Sekirei get “winged” the art of the wings just blows me away; it all looked amazing.

Voice Acting

Sekirei 5As I said earlier I did watch the show in Japanese and English but I only watched the Japanese version of the second season not the first so I’ll probably stick more to the English version but I’ll talk about the Japanese version too…well what I know about it anyway. When I first heard all these familiar voice actors in the beginning of the series I was stunned. Then I looked up the voice acting line up for the show and I was really stunned. This show has an all-star cast of voice actors in the English Voice Acting business. The fact that a lesser known anime like this could get all these amazing voice actors was really something special. Just to name a few the voice actors included: Alexis Tipton, Monica Rial, Ian Sinclaire, Todd Haberkorn, Collen Clinkinbeard, and Chuck Huber among many others who are leaders in the business. The voice acting was well done and they fit the characters perfectly especially Tsukuimi and her old way of talking haha. As for the Japanese voice actors I didn’t recognize any of the ones that I had heard before but I really liked the voices that they brought to the table as well as the English voices and it was really cool to compare the two. I personally think that the voice acting might have been too good for this show considering the genre that it falls under. That’s not trying to dis the show but generally speaking ecchi harem anime’s aren’t usually given the best casts so this was a nice change of pace from the norm.


I loved Sekirei and like so many others that have seen it I’m gonna wait and hope for a third season because that cliffhanger was almost to the point of cruel and unusual punishment. I loved so many things about this show that I am actually finding myself shocked that I loved an ecchi harem anime as much as I enjoyed this one. As I said the story itself is fantastic and doesn’t even need the fan service. While there are some plot holes I’m sure that those were supposed to be filled in during later seasons that may or not be happening now. It’s because of this that I’m cutting the show some slack on that department. Now like I said some people won’t even bother trying to watch this show because of the nudity and sexual situations involved but in my opinion they’ll be missing out on a good show. The main focus of the show is love and bonds that build over time. It sticks to this throughout the show and doesn’t lose it’s consistency on that matter. In terms of story my only real complaint is the second season “final battle” took place because of what some may call a secondary goal and in all actuality didn’t really progress the main goal which is to survive the game and have Minato and his six Sekirei live happily together. The manga is still ongoing so if you watch the show and want to keep the story going dive right on in to the manga. I recommend this show if nudity and sexual situations doesn’t bother you and I’ll think that you’ll enjoy it. I’m giving Sekirei an 8/10! 

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