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Mondaiji 1Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren’t They?, or Mondaiji, is about three people who are bored with their lives in the human world because they have gifts that make them superior to most other humans. One day these three people each receive a mysterious letter. When they open the letter they are transported to another world. Confused they ask each other a series of questions to see if it was one of them who did it but they realize that someone is watching them. After flushing out the culprit they learn that she is the one who summoned them. She is something called a “Moon Rabbit”. She looks like a normal human except she has a rabbit tail and ears. She introduces herself as Black Rabbit and that she is a game official for something called the “Gift Games” and that she has transported the three teenagers to the world of Little Garden to compete in these games. Each game has a bet where people can bet anything from money to their gifts/powers to the very name of their communities. Black Rabbit is part of a community that lost it’s name from a demon lord and summoned the three teenagers. named Asuka Kudou, Izayoi Sakamaki, and You Kasukabe, to restore the reputation and name of her community. The kids agree because it sounds fun and so they set off on an adventure to restore the pride of “The No Names”.

Does this synopsis sound familiar to anyone? Those of you who have seen No Game No Life should’ve said yes. When I first read the synopsis for Mondaiji I immediately thought it was going to be a NGNL copy. In some ways I was right but in others it was surprisingly different. I absolutely love NGNL so me saying that the story is like it isn’t really a bad thing in my book but what I was afraid of was an exact copy. At the beginning it seemed like that was the case. About halfway through though Mondaiji took it’s own path and that’s where I think it excelled. In case you couldn’t tell by the title of my light novel series I love things that have to do with demons so when they started mentioning demon lords and fighting them I became intrigued. In Little Garden things are settled with games although it’s not as peaceful as in NGNL because you can kill people with games as well as practice slavery. In this respect I liked how the show wasn’t afraid to get a little dark in nature but would still be able to not really ruin the upbeat nature of the show all at the same time. The action scenes where usually pretty short but they were really good while they lasted. Seeing the powers the characters had evolve as the story went on was really the hook of the story because you wanted to see what they would be capable of in the next episode. The only thing that I can say really annoyed me about the story was that the series was, seemingly, divided into around 5 mini arcs lasting about 2-3 episodes. In my opinion these arcs moved too fast and things were talked about and then dropped. Overall though the story played out great and it kind of made want to go out and buy the novels just so I can see what happens next. If you like a quick story with action, comedy, and an ecchi scene or two then you’ll enjoy what Mondaiji has to offer.


Mondaiji 2As you guys might be aware of I think that characters are what drives a show. In the case of Mondaiji I can honestly say there were two characters that I really liked. Those two would be Izayoi and Black Rabbit. Asuka and You were still decent characters it’s just that they were pretty stale at times and they didn’t really get much time to develop. Really neither did any of the other characters including Izayoi and Black Rabbit but I found those two entertaining from the start and didn’t think they needed much development in the first place. Izayoi reminded me so much of Sora from NGNL and Black Rabbit reminded me of Steph only with more power. Izayoi was a straight up badass in the action scenes and had the ego to go along with it which made his character all the better in my opinion.Even when he took a beating he’d laugh and say he was having a blast because it was rare that someone could actually hit him. This paired with his sometimes perverted attitude at Black Rabbit and sometimes the other girls made him not only a badass character but a funny one as well. We don’t really get to see too much of Izayoi fighting because of how short the fighting scenes are but when he does fight he grabs your attention and you’re just amazed at what this guy can do. His target of lust, Black Rabbit, is the other character I enjoyed. Now most people who say they like Black Rabbit say it’s because of how she looks but for me it was more about how she acted. I found her attitude pretty downright adorable to be honest. Her airheadedness made for some funny scenes when the kids would take advantage of it; especially Izayoi. The one thing I also liked about Black Rabbit was that she was a comedy centered character that could also fight when the time came. She would even give Izayoi a run for his money at times and that made her all the better because it didn’t make her a scantily clad ditz like a lot of characters like her are. Black Rabbit was also the target of most of the fan service in the show as well mainly due to pranks and stunts pulled by Izayoi and their friend Shiroyasha. This is where she receives a lot of hate but I don’t think that it was done distastefully. In the OVA; maybe so, but in the actual show I think they did it right and it just made Black Rabbit funnier. I also liked how if she was upset or just if she wanted to Black Rabbit’s hair would change from blue to pink and how this little thing actually served as entertainment for the other three characters. I would’ve liked to had better characters for the show considering how good the story was but for how short it was the characters were alright overall.


Mondaiji 3The soundtrack for Mondaiji wasn’t really my thing. Both the opening and closing for the show were techno, up beat J-pop songs that were about being in a game. I will give the show credit for getting songs that related to the show but in terms of did I like the songs I’d have to pass. This is just my personal opinion and is really only a part of my evaluation of the soundtrack. The in-show songs were pretty nice especially the song for the final battle. A final battle has to have music that sets up the mood and I thought that the song choice in this case was very nice. Even though it’s not part of the official soundtrack or anything I will say I loved the closing animation. I like how it went with the song and made you stay and watch the whole thing. Basically the animation is Black Rabbit, Asuka, and You in chibi form dancing to the song with chibi Izayoi standing on the side. Halfway through Asuka and You stop dancing and this depresses Black Rabbit and then she gets inspired and starts singing, dancing, and waving a fan. Asuka and You join back in almost break dancing and then at the very end when they stop Izayoi comes in and break dances to end the song. Overall I didn’t personally like the soundtrack but lyrically it fit the show to a “T”.

Voice Acting

MondaijiThe voice acting cast for this show kind of surprised me in a way. Most of the big time actors played supporting characters and some not so known actors played some of the big parts in exception to Izayoi and You’s characters. Josh Grelle played Izayoi but I almost couldn’t tell it was him because of how deep his voice was for this part. He didn’t sound anything like Armin from Attack on Titan or Yuki from Future Diary which really impressed me that he was able to completely change his distinct sound for that role and make it into something that fit Izayoi’s character like a glove. You was played by Brittney Karbowski. She sounded like most of her other roles which isn’t a bad thing because whenever I hear her I think of Ikaros from Heaven’s Lost Property who is probably my favorite role that she does. You reminded me of Ikaros in the fact that they had stoic personalities so I think that part of it was cool because it gave me a little bit of nostalgia. Black Rabbit was voiced by Jessica Calvello who voices Nanael in Queen’s Blade and Zoe Hange in Attack on Titan. I thought she was perfect for this role because it was honestly someone who was in between her two biggest roles and I think that Black Rabbit was such a good character because of how awesome her voice actress did at playing her. Lastly Asuka was played by Nancy Novotny. The only role of hers that I recognized was Yuka from Elfen Lied and Gura from Utawarerumono. She’s been voice acting a while but usually does supporting characters. I feel like she did a nice job with Asuka and she would’ve been better if there was more to work with for Asuka’s character which is a real shame. Some of the big names playing minor characters were Carli Mosier, Luci Christian, Genevieve Simmons, David Wald, and Blake Sheppard. You would’ve thought that the way it was cast would’ve been reversed but I think that this was an attempt to heighten the minor characters.


Mondaiji was a show with a lot of promise that delivered on parts of that promise but failed at other parts. The fact that only two main characters really stood out to me was kind of disappointing for a show that had a really solid story. While it was similar to NGNL it was different enough to be it’s own thing. It had both one of the most adorable characters ever as well as one of the funniest ending animations. Speaking of ending this show really leaves you on a cliff hanger and with no announcement for a second season the only way to keep going to to read the novels which kind of sucks. Even in this way it’s similar to NGNL. I think that Mondaiji was a good show given what it had. Mondaiji is only 1 season with 10 episodes and an OVA that takes place after episode 10 with a total of 11 watchable episodes. The OVA kind of gave you hope that there would be a second season which fans really crave but I doubt It’ll happen. Overall I’m giving Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren’t They? an 8/10! 

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  1. Just an FYI, mondaiji was released in 2011 as a Light Novel series…..then got adapted in 2013 as an anime. NGNL came out in 2012 and was adapted into anime form in 2014.

    • Yeah, that’s true but when writing this I was thinking that most people had seen NGNL more than they had seen Mondaiji so I thought that it would be the best comparison. I’ll give you that I said it was a copy and that was a poor choice of words on my part but I was just trying to compare Mondaiji to something that I thought everybody would know already. Thanks for pointing that out though! I’ll have to watch how I phrase things in the future haha.

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