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Overlord 1The story of Overlord follows the story of the main character Momonga or later called Ains Ooal Gown and his adventure inside a VRMMO. Momonga had been playing the VRMMO of Yggdrasil which was shutting down for good. Momonga decides not to log off because he can’t bring himself to leave what he and his guild mates had worked so hard to build and that was their guild hall of Nazarick. As the timer runs out on Yggdrasil Momonga notices something strange; he’s still his character and he hasn’t left the game yet! What’s more is that now the guardians of Nazarick are now talking to him and even have emotions. Momonga deliberates about it and decides that he will make the most of this situation and live in this new world. He starts gathering information by being out in the world and experiences the new world that he now finds himself in. Allies, or shall we say stepping stones, as well as enemies appear before Ains and his guardians in their attempt to take over this new world. I loved the story of this show. I’ll admit I didn’t think I was going to like it because honestly it just sounded like a SAO or No Game No Life reissued story. Even though I love those two shows I don’t want to see something that is going to be a clone. Luckily I was wrong. Overlord does have some similarities to those shows but it distinguishes itself all at the same time. The story does a lot of things right and really tries to prove it’s doubters wrong. It throws in some comedy to break up the action at just the right spots and when it is time for action hold on to your seats because it’s amazing. The way that the story outlines itself kind of feels rushed at times, however. If I’m counting correctly I believe it goes through roughly 3 arcs in a short amount of time. Granted the show is made by Madhouse who aren’t known for their sequels but I feel like they could’ve fixed some transitions within the show. Overall I thought the story for Overlord was great and added something to the whole video game anime genre. Overlord is 1 season long right now with 13 episodes. No word has been given on a second season.


Overlord 2Going into Overlord the only thing I knew about the characters was that people had an obsession with Albedo, the head guardian of Nazarick. I really liked the main character; Ains. He’s possibly one of the most overpowered characters in anime history. Just when you think your trump card is going to beat him he laughs and calls it child’s play. He is very calm and won’t act unless he has all the information he feels he needs in order to make a decision. He also tries to act the part of someone who doesn’t care about other characters other than his guardians unless it’s for his own good but deep down he does care and will try to protect them. One of my favorite moments of this is when he finds someone who killed some people he was travelling with and at first he said he didn’t care that they were killed but the way he gets revenge shows you that he did care for them. I sort of understand the whole Albedo hype now too but I think it might have been a little overplayed. Sure Albedo is a nice looking character but at the same time she can make some very rash decisions which Ains has to stop in order to keep his plans in place. I found it interesting how loyal all the guardians were to Ains. They would willingly throw away their lives for him and basically do anything that they were commanded to. It was kind of funny to see the female guardians fight for Ains’ affection especially Albedo and the guardian Shalltear. Overall I loved the characters in Overlord because they were flawed but yet in a weird way their flaws made them almost perfect. Granted their is very little development of the characters in Overlord but there doesn’t have to be because most of the characters are artificial intelligence from within the game. The simplicity of the characters in Overlord makes the show great and fans seem to appreciate that which is awesome to hear.


Overlord 3The soundtrack for Overlord has got to be one of the best that I have ever heard. The opening is catchy and hooks you into the show right away. The first time I heard the opening song I loved it and listened to it constantly. It’s a rock tune that really fits the show well. The lyrics pretty much describe Ains in the show and his struggle to find answers in the world in which he now finds himself in. The instrumentals during the show itself were great and really added to the overall mood of the scenes and flavor to the show in general. Lastly the ending song was really great too. Not as good as the opening but still really good. The song basically is about Albedo’s love for Ains. The song is a catchy punk rock kind of tune that makes you want to actually listen at the end of each episode. I absolutely loved the soundtrack for Overlord and I think that whoever made the soundtrack for it deserves a raise!


Overlord 4The first time I saw the animation in Overlord I knew I would like it. The animation is very well done and flows together nicely. The colors are outstanding and create something very visually appealing. The character designs are done beautifully and makes the characters look fantastic. Sometimes the CGI looks a little overdone in some scenes but I don’t think it’s enough to say that it ruins the scene. I thought that the lighting was great and added nice tones to the scenes. Overall I think that visually Overlord is very solid and viewers will appreciate the effort that went into making it.

Voice Acting

Overlord 5I’m sure by now this is a surprise to some of you but I watched the subbed version of Overlord as that was my only choice because it hasn’t been dubbed yet. When researching who played the characters in Overlord I was surprised to find that this show seemed to be filled with up and coming voice talent. The only voice actor that I could find with a major role was the voice actor for Ains who actually plays Sai in the Naruto Shippuden series. I think that Overlord provided a great opportunity for the voice actors who this was their first big time role to really show their stuff. Every voice actor was fantastic in their roles and I can’t really name any complaints I have with the voice acting. Ains’ voice actor switched between his “normal voice” and the voice the Ains’ used to sound more authoritative flawlessly. I think that everybody involved with the voice acting for Overlord have very bright futures ahead of them in the voice acting profession.


I thought that Overlord was a great show. It definitely needs a second season so it doesn’t feel like a rushed series but seeing that it’s Madhouse I won’t hold my breath. Overlord was a nice addition to the Video Game anime genre that’s emerged and it deserves the success that it had. The characters were funny and unique with their own little quirks that kept you interested in them. The soundtrack alone was enough reason to watch this show but you should definitely not just listen to the music. I would recommend Overlord to anyone who likes video game type anime and those that like action with badass characters. Overall I’m giving Overlord an 8.5/10!

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