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Hey there everyone! We’re proud to announce a new partnership with Yugioh Orica! Yugioh Oricas is a site dedicated to making replica Yugioh cards from the hit anime series. These aren’t the kind of cards you can buy at Wal-Mart or other retailers. As we’ll show you later on in the article these cards look exactly how they appear on the show with full art cards with simple stats at the bottom. You’d be hard pressed to find these kind of quality replica cards anywhere else so we’re really excited about this new partnership with a site that delivers such quality products to their customers.

As a start to this new partnership we received a couple cards to review and to show you guys the kind of products that they offer. First off the cards feel like any normal Yugioh card that you would buy in terms of thickness. They aren’t real flimsy or too thick so that’s nice that they feel legit from the start. As for the front of the cards they feel similar to the front of a normal cards except maybe a tad glossier but that’s a plus as that provides more shine to the card and a little added scuff protection. As you can see from the pictures posted on this article the cards look identical to how they appeared in the show. There aren’t any leftover pieces on the cards and everything appears to be matched up perfectly. These are very good quality cards and any collector would be proud to have them. Now this should be a no brainer but we’ll say it anyway; these are NOT for tournament play. These are meant as collector items or if you just want to have some duels with your friends to reminisce on your childhood.

As for the website itself, it’s very well made and is very easy to navigate. They have sample pictures along with the cards on the home page that you can view. There is a tab that will lead you to all available replica cards as well so don’t think that what’s on the homepage are your only options. Also a cool little feature on the website is an area where you can buy the full decks of Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey. You can also create your own custom deck as well. The option to create a deck is really nice or if you want to have the deck of your favorite character from the show. In fact these cards would be great cosplay items. If you would want to cosplay any of the characters it’d add some real nice flair to have the exact style of cards from the show instead of the cards sold in stores. There is also a section for alternate art cards. These cards can be NSFW so just be warned. These include variant art for some of the most popular cards in the game.  Please go check out the website here and browse there selection. We’re currently working on a discount link and should have that available very soon! We’ll be sure to notify you all when that is ready and usable. The cards currently sell for $4/card and that includes free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. You can also ask for custom cards for no extra cost! The decks are currently $90/deck.  This is much cheaper than buying the decks card by card and is a great value considering it’d be close to $180 to buy them card by card. The decks have free U.S. shipping as well! We’re really proud to have this partner support us and we look forward to having them on board with us here at UnleashTheAnime!

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