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In the near future, monstrous creatures called “phantoms” descend upon the world. Haruhiko Ichijou is a student at Hosea Academy, along with Mai Kawakami, Reina Izumi, and Koito Minase, three girls who fight these creatures. High school life proceeds as normal until a certain incident reveals the truth of their world to them.

Now the synopsis for Myriad Colors Phantom World, or a.k.a Musaigen no Phantom World, seems a bit vague and well that’s because it is. There isn’t a real end game for the show that’s laid out. While watching this show it really felt like a show that rolled with the punches and just went with whatever it wanted. This means that the show is fairly episodic with only a couple references to past episodes although the last two episodes do form  a, sort of, mini arc. Each episode, for the most part, tells it’s own story and either provides pure entertainment or some sort of character development time. In all honesty though, I sort of liked the episodic format of the show considering the type of show it wanted to present. I would’ve liked to have seen a little bit more structure though because I can see it confusing people and giving off a scatterbrained feel but those who just like to kick back and see where a show takes them would probably really like the storytelling format of Phantom World. Phantom World has some pretty entertaining moments and some pretty decent comedy. The comedy was very light hearted and would sometimes come out of nowhere for maximum effect. Some of the jokes miss but the comedic factor is really going to depend on your sense of humor as I can easily see some of these jokes missing on certain audiences. There is also a dose of ecchi in the show ( I’m pretty sure that limbo scene is famous by now) but I honestly don’t think it’s too overdone and doesn’t really detract from the show all that much. There’s a touch of harem element as most of the girls develop feelings of some sort towards Haruhiko but they really don’t focus on it and make it almost seem like coincidence so for those who hate harems don’t worry this has the minimal elements of a harem. All in all just don’t expect a masterpiece of storytelling going into this show and just enjoy the ride and I think you may end up enjoying it.


Much like the show itself, the characters are very vibrant and unique. Haruhiko actually isn’t a brainless main protagonist surrounded by girls. In fact he’s too smart for his own good and often bores his teammates with useless trivia. He’s not totally useless in battle by the end of the series and actually has a pretty cool power of being able to summon powerful phantoms at will. The last two episodes really focus on a particular relationship of his and you get to see his character really get peeled back and exposed a little bit which is something I didn’t expect to see in Phantom World but it was a nice tendency breaker. Mai is pretty cool and probably the most popular character in the show (again the limbo scene). While all the guys at school fawn over her she really focuses on getting better at fighting phantoms and making sure her teammates are safe. Going into the show I thought she was going to be the blonde ditz with boobs but I was wrong and she turned out to be a pretty badass character for the most part. Reina is really focus of some of the first episodes as she comes from a strict family that won’t let her get involved with phantoms but she is eventually allowed to join Mai and Haruhiko’s team. She has the unique ability to eat phantoms by swallowing them whole and sealing them. This also equates to her having a huge appetite and creates some pretty funny scenes. Koito Minase starts out as the outcast who sticks to herself but soon warms up to the other characters. I really liked her character development at first but got kind of annoyed by how they sort of pushed her to the side towards the end. I really loved her character so it was annoying to see her just tossed aside essentially. She has a really strong power controlled by singing and music which is another reason why I’m annoyed at the way she was treated. Kurumi Kumamakura is an elementary school stundent who’s obsessed with bears and fights using the teddy bear she carries around named Albrecht. I didn’t so much hate her character but I did feel that she wasn’t really needed for the most part other than to have a loli character. She does prove useful at times but most of the time I was left wondering why they’re letting a 3rd or 4th grader fight these powerful monsters. The last main character is a friendly phantom named Ruru who lives with Haruhiko. She kind of reminds of a fairy or sprite as she’s tiny but she’s also where about half of the comedy comes from. A lot of the attention goes to these main characters and the supporting cast is, for all in tense and purposes, irrelevant. Some have their moments to shine but it’s rare. If I had to pick a favorite character it’d be a toss up between Koito and Haruhiko but Koito edges him out just barely.


Let me just say right now that the soundtrack for Phantom World was downright fantastic. It truly surprised me! I didn’t think a show of this premise would have as good of a soundtrack as it did. The opening song is called “Naked Dive” by Screen Mode. It’s a nice techno punk rock song. Sounding similar to something maybe of the likes of I See Stars here in America. I loved the vocals to the song. They sounded great and gave the song it’s rock vibe with the techno sounding melody in the background. I was very surprised when I first heard it and liked it almost immediately. The ending song is called “Junshin Always” or “Innocence Always” by Azusa Tadokoro who is also the voice actress for Ruru. The song sounded very similar to something you’d hear from LiSA with powerful female vocals and a nice rock tune to jam out to in the background. It was a great song and I loved jamming to it. The composer for Myriad Colors Phantom World was Effy who’s only work is this show. It was a great soundtrack and I highly recommend checking it out!

Voice Acting(SUB)

The voice acting in Myriad Colors Phantom World was very well done. The acting was of top notch quality and practically flawless in my opinion. The main cast goes as follows: Hiro Shimono(Haruhikio) Omi Minami(Young Haruhiko), Maaya Uchida(Koito), Misaki Kuno(Kurumi), Sumire Uesaka(Mai), Saori Hayami(Reina), Azusa Tadokoro(Ruru). This was a very well put together cast and included some of my favorite Japanese voice actors. Some of them I honestly didn’t even recognize to be honest but was pleasantly surprised to see them in the cast. I think the casting director did a very nice job assembling a very high quality cast able to deliver a very high quality performance. There honestly isn’t a bad thing about the voice acting in the show. I could honestly just go on and on about it but I think it’s better to have you see for yourself the voice acting.


Overall Myriad Colors Phantom World is a nice easy going show that truly tries to entertain it’s audience and doesn’t try to be more than what it is. It doesn’t try to hard to impress you and I think that is what’s most impressive about the show. The shows has amazing visuals and the colors are so vibrant and lively. The story is pretty entertaining with just as entertaining characters. This show did give me a new ship in Haruhiko and Mai so I liked that about it. The soundtrack is really great and the voice acting is very top notch. The show isn’t perfect but then again it doesn’t try to be. If you want something light to watch I recommend giving this a shot. Phantom World is 13 episodes with an OVA and probably won’t get a 2nd season. Phantom World earns a decent 7/10! 

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