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The story of Michiko and Hatchin involves an escaped convict and her new found daughter trying to findMichiko and Hatchin 1 the man who is the girl’s father. The setting is never explicitly mentioned but it is definitely strongly hinted that it is the Brazil area. The mother and daughter duo are constantly running from the law while also still trying to find leads on the man named Hiroshi who is Michiko’s ex-boyfriend and Hatchin’s father. The two have more than just the law after them as they soon must avoid the criminal underground who have a pretty harsh past with Michiko and Hiroshi. Michiko and Hatchin start out fighting all the time and constantly separating from each other in anger but towards the end they end up forming a sort of mother daughter bond. The story is all about redemption and caring for your loved ones no matter what the cost. Avoiding spoilers I will say that I expected more of the ending. The ending isn’t bad and in some ways it’s what I expected but at the same time I hoped for a little more considering the context of the story. For those who don’t pay attention when watching anime you may want to avoid this show because it switches between the past, present, and at times future quite a bit and can get very confusing.


Michiko and Hatchin 2The characters in Michiko and Hatchin really reflect the setting of a Brazil. Every single character is willing to do anything to survive. All of the characters for the most part have a connected past that is revealed gradually through out the show. Side characters are brought in, serve their purpose and then either die or leave promising to return again in the future (we all know how that usually turns out). The main two characters, Michiko and Hatchin are actually kind of hard to describe in some ways. Michiko is a swearing, smoking, drinking, hellion who is almost always looking for a fight and resorts to violence at the drop of a hat. In contrast Hatchin likes to try and smart her way out of situations or use hard work to get money in order to pay her way out. This contrast is because of the different upbringings that they had. Michiko is used to life of a gang member and knows how people work and that you have to survive while Hatchin only knows the life of being abused by her foster family and so is more timid at the beginning of the show. As things start turning for the worst is where we really see the character development between the mother and daughter duo. They come to realize that they must rely on each other if they are going to make it to the end of this journey. That is why I love the characters so much. They are human and make mistakes but at the same time they are relate able.


Michiko and Hatchin 3The soundtrack to Michiko and Hatchin really captures the vibe and setting of the show. The opening song has a latin flare to it with a mix of 70’s funk. In fact that’s pretty much the recipe for music throughout the entire show. The soundtrack itself honestly isn’t anything to write home about as far as I’m concerned but I’m sure some people would really enjoy it. Even if you don’t like the music you can’t say that it’s a bad choice for the show because they fit together perfectly.


Visually Michiko and Hatchin isn’t goingMichiko and Hatchin 5 to blow you away with its art. That being said though it captures the look and feel of Brazil beautifully. The character designs are very retro and it seems like they’re always wearing a new outfit each scene. The show sticks to a simple style and lets you focus on the action going on in the scene. The way that it’s done though is really cool. I don’t think I could imagine this show with breathtaking art because to me it just wouldn’t fit what the show is trying to convey. It doesn’t want to portray Brazil as a paradise or the characters as well off and doing fine; it wants to show you the dirty side of Brazil with all the slums and the back streets where the characters are from. It shows the fight for life in the streets masterfully and I think that the hate that the show gets because of the art isn’t deserved at all.

Voice Acting

Michiko and Hatchin 4 Monica RialAgain I did watch the English dub version of this show so readers take note that this is the format that I will be discussing. The two main characters are voiced by Monica Rial and Jad B. Saxton. Monica Rial has also voiced Mirajane Strauss in Fairy Tail, Mey-Rin in Black Butler and May Chang in Fullmetal Alchemist among many others voices Michiko. Jad B. Saxton who you may recognize as Carla from Fairy Tail, Koneko from High School DxD, and Yoriko Kosaka from Tokyo Ghoul as well as many others voices Hatchin. It was interesting to hear them in these roles because they both have pretty distinct sounding voices, except for a few role, but in this show neither sounded like any other role I had ever heard from them. Rial’s voice is usually a high pitched friendly sounding voice but with Michiko she lowered her voice and made it sound a lot more…well ghetto sounding. Jad’s voice was a lot more lively I thought than most of her other roles and so it was a shock to really hear the two in a different sounding role. Overall all the voice acting was very well done and people were able to capture the mood of each scene perfectly while still keeping most of the culture of the setting in tact.


For the most part the show was really good. It is a sort of heart warming story but not one that fits your average heart warmer mold. I think that the show could have done a better job on the ending but that’s just my personal opinion. It did get confusing at times but you could usually fill in the blanks so no worries there. I think that since this show was on Toonami it will definitely get more popular than maybe it should be but I’m glad that a small project like this one is getting some recognition. I really enjoyed this show and recommend it for anyone that wants a heart warming mother daughter story with some kick ass action and an exotic setting. I’m giving Michiko and Hatchin an 8/10 !

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