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One day, humanity was invaded by another world. Having experienced that battle, known as Other World War I, humanity moved to marine floats, built for emergency evacuation purposes, as soon as Other World War II began. It’s around that time that Kizuna Hida is summoned by his elder sister and visits the Strategic Defense Academy Ataraxia where he meets Aine Chidorigafuchi, a girl who uses Heart Hybrid Gear Zeros to fight the otherworldly enemies. He has a tough time dealing with her, but when her Gear runs out of energy, the only way to get it back in action is to do something lewd to her!

Now if you’re like me you probably got through most of that review and thought “ok this doesn’t sound all that bad” and then you hit that last part and just face palm. I’ve said before that fan service/ecchi doesn’t ruin a series but rather bad execution of it does. Well this is not one of those cases. In all honesty this anime comes off more as a hentai than an actual anime show. It does show explicit sexual acts at least once in every episode. Masou Gakuen HxH puts High School DxD, Highshool of the Dead, and So I Can’t Play H to shame in terms of what they’re allowed to show. It’s very similar in terms of Testament of Sister New Devil in that regard. All that stuff aside the story isn’t that great either. The show shows flashbacks and flash…forwards(?) seemingly at random and then will tell a couple episodes down the road that it was a flashback or flashforward. This left me very confused about what they were trying to tell/show me and where the story was at chronologically speaking. You get a very scatterbrained feel from the story throughout the show. In terms of the fighting the powerscaling in ridiculous. A character will go from being absolutely weak and then one touch from Kizuna they unlock a new power level or secret weapon. It just gets very repetitive and they overplay it. Now even though I’ve gone and trashed the show so far I will say that I saw a glimmer of potential within the show. I’m not saying it would’ve been great by any stretch but it would’ve been better than it was. If they would’ve smoothed out some of the edges in the show it would’ve been at least an average show but instead it just felt more like a hentai than an actual show.


I actually didn’t hate the characters as much as one would think after reading that last section. They were far far from great characters(mostly) but they did have promise. All of them have a “sad” past that you almost think it’s a requirement to be in the show but they don’t really come off as sad. I think if they would’ve been put in another show it might’ve had a different effect but if you’re going to make a show like this then try and make it heavy it just won’t work. Now the two that I want to focus on because I think they showed the most promise is Kizuna and Aine. I say that because there was actually some character development with and between them. They even open the door for a possible romance pathway that I hope gets used but that’s for another time. Kizuna is an interesting character to me because he’s really hard to get a read on. When he finds out that he has to get to 2nd base with all these girls in order to power them up he gets flustered at first but when he actually does it in a mission he acts like there’s nothing to it and it’s all business with absolutely no pleasure to him whatsoever. I actually had to laugh at this because he’s living a lot of guy’s dream and except for a couple instances takes no pleasure from it. Aine struck me as a forced tsundere character. It’s almost like she’s forcing herself to act that way and it just doesn’t feel natural to her character at all. Her past is part of a very predictable plot twist that the show tries to pull off but as I just said it’s predictable. She does have great chemistry with Kizuna and the scenes that help develop this are some of the best in the show but they are very few and far between. The other 2 characters in the “Amaterasu” unit are Hayuru and Yurishia. They are polar opposites with Hayuru acting like what Kizuna does to her is indecent and she doesn’t enjoy it while Yurisha throws herself onto Kizuna every chance she gets. I found Hayuru to be more than a little annoying even though she’s what everyone knows the show from because of a viral gif of her as a cat girl. She’s beyond a tsundere and is in her own little annoying catagory. Yurisha was an alright character but there wasn’t really anything to her. She was probably the character that was the most pure ecchi bait out of all of them. The rest of the characters are just as bland and I don’t really feel like they are really worth the time to go over to be honest. I just wish that the show would’ve capitalized on the potential of some of these characters but alas boobs won over substance.


I have to say that this soundtrack wasn’t as bad as you would think. It’s pretty average but compared to a lot of what the show has to offer it’s one of the best things about it. The opening song was called “miele paradisio” by Iori Nomizu. It wasn’t a terrible song but on most other soundtracks it would’ve been average. Here it actually shines because of how bad the rest of the show was. It was a decently catchy pop song that was fairly easy on the ears. The ending was called “Chi” also by Iori Nomizu. It’s quality is much like the opening but to be honest it’s a fairly easy song to forget because it’s a little generic sounding. It so happens that the singer to both these songs is actually the voice actress for the character Kei Shikina who is like the 2nd in command behind Kizuna’s sister Reiri. Interestingly enough there isn’t a soundtrack producer or composer listed for this soundtrack. I’m not quite sure who came up with the soundtrack then but I guess officially no one came up with it.

Voice Acting(SUB)

I will say that the voice acting was probably the highlight of the show but I honestly think that the best cast in world couldn’t salvage this ship. Many of the voices/lines just sounded fake or like there wasn’t a lot of effort into it. It wasn’t all bad though. There were some good moments so if I had to label the voice acting in a word I’d say: inconsistent. Anyways the main cast goes as follows: Akari Kageyama(Aine), Juri Nagatsuma(Hayuru), Chinatsu Akasaki(Yurisha), Kenji Akabane(Kizuna), and Hina Kino(Sylvia). I’ll start with reiterating that Aine and Kizuna definitely were the focus as their voice actor/actress had the best quality. They had their bad moments but they were probably the best in terms of the voice acting quality. I’d also like to point out that Chinatsu Akasaki did very well with her English. In the show Yurisha is from America and so speaks English at times. Chinatsu Akasaki sounded great in English in my opinion and did a great job pulling it off. The supporting cast goes as follows: Rika Kinugawa(Reiri), Shizuka Ishigami(Scarlett), and Mei Satosaki(Nayuta). Like Yurisha, Scarlett is from America so Shizuka Ishigami had to speak a little English and did just fine with it so again I was very impressed with how well she pulled it off. Other than that all I can say is that this voice cast was alright and probably did the best with what they were given.


Have I killed the show yet? In all seriousness though it might as well be a hentai and not an anime. I was very surprised by how blatant the show was at thrusting sexual content at it’s audience. It had it’s moments but not enough to save it. The sad part is I can’t say I’m surprised after reading that last part of the synopsis. The show had a glimmer of potential and didn’t capitalize on it at all. Currently Masou Gakuen HxH is 1 season with 12 episodes and guess what? It’s got another season confirmed. If you want to watch the show but don’t want all that sexual stuff thrown at you Crunchyroll has a censored version of the show. There isn’t much left I can say other than the score. I feel like I’m being too generous here and it probably should be lower but I’m sticking with a score of 6/10.

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