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Enthusiastic editor-in-chief Hana, serious Aki and their friends love manga so much that they’ve decided to start up a brand new manga magazine! Together, the new editors must find mangaka to work with, schedule photo shoots and perfect their typesetting, amongst other things. Little did the girls know that running a manga magazine would be more difficult than they imagined, but with teamwork and a lot of perseverance, they’ll definitely succeed!

Now I’m going to put this disclaimer here: this review is going to be very short because, well the whole series lasts just short of an hour. The series is comprised of 13 4 minute episodes. Each episode is like a short skit that tells about some problem that the girls are having putting their manga magazine together. It’s a cute little story that, by nature, is very episodic. It still manages to keep a somewhat coherent story together however short it may be. Don’t expect a smashing story but if you want something cute and entertaining and have an hour to kill then give this a quick look.


The characters aren’t really all that unique but they are still entertaining nonetheless. Hana is a very energetic manga fan and is the one with the idea to make the magazine. She’s just a fan of manga and doesn’t take it seriously at first but she eventually starts to pick up what it takes. Aki is a very serious person who really keeps Hana on track to making this dream a reality. She’s probably my favorite character just because she seems like the one that actually took the whole project seriously. Ringo is a pretty decent editor that is actually pretty reliable even though she seems like a total airhead. Tsugumi is a foodie that is a lot like Hana. She has plenty of enthusiasm but is sort of in over her head at first. There is decent development for such a short series as we see them go from total newbies to professionals. The character design is pretty cute and the characters are likable enough that you can’t really hate any of them.


It’s kind of hard to judge this soundtrack because there’s only 1 song on the whole soundtrack. Actually I take that back; episode 13 does have a ending song but it’s the only episode with an ending song. The opening is called “Girl Meets Deadline” by M@N☆GIRL! which is actually the voice actresses for the 4 main characters. It’s a decently catchy song that basically lays out the premise of the show. The ending song for episode 13 is called “Mainichi☆Mangirl!” also by M@N☆GIRL!. It was basically a “we made it” type of song that fit well with the show and isn’t the worst song I heard. There’s actually no music director listed for the show. Overall this isn’t the flashiest soundtrack but it gets the job done.

Voice Acting(SUB)

With such a short series it’s kind of hard to evaluate the voice acting but I’ll do my best. I thought the voice acting was pretty decent for a short series. The main cast goes as follows: Moemi Otaka(Tsugumi), Yuri Komagata(Aki), Ayaka Ohashi(Ringo), and Kanako Miyamoto(Hana). They did a pretty good job but as I said it’s really hard to evaluate a voice cast when you only hear them for about 50 minutes. That’s like comparing a voice cast after 2 episodes. Overall the voice cast did a good job for as much as we see and they do make the characters very entertaining to listen to.


This short series is a great look at what it’s like to try and get published and all the different problems that you run into. The storyline and characters are cute and entertaining. There isn’t much of a soundtrack but it does it’s job regardless. The voice acting was pretty well done as far as I could tell and they also did a nice job at singing the theme song. If you have an hour to kill and want to see what it’s like to be in the manga industry then I suggest giving Mangirl! a watch. As for the score I’m giving Mangirl! a 7/10! 

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