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Succubi, dullahans, snow women and vampires… We’re a little different from humans and called “demi-humans.” Lately, we’ve been called “demis.” This is a stimulating and heartful school demi-human comedy featuring those very unique “demis” and a high school teacher named Takahashi Tetsuo, who’s highly interested in learning more about their daily lives and habits. –Crunchyroll

Interviews with Monster Girls was a show that I started mostly out of curiosity because of the Monster Musume craze a year or so ago but I was surprised by something that was completely different from what I expected. I didn’t really read the synopsis beforehand which is probably why I was so surprised to find such a funny and chill show. The story is rather light for the most part in terms of being able to follow it. The content on the other hand is all about acceptance and trying to understand differences. This little heartfelt message is cleverly hidden behind humor and other various antics that will keep you entertained. The story seems episodic but there is an overall theme to follow so at the same time it isn’t episodic but either way IWMG is very well paced and easy to follow. The show focuses mostly on slice of life stuff and comedy but it brings up some drama as well as some romance to add spice to the mix. There are a few episodes where one of the “demis” are dealing with usual high school troubles such as bullies, classes, crushes, etc. and Mr. Takahashi tries to help the girls as best he can. The show manages to take such trivial things and make an interesting story out of them. The romance aspect of the story is just an element to add to the comedy and it shouldn’t really be taken seriously but still it does add some nice flavor to the story. IWMG has just a nice heartwarming story that will keep you entertained all the way through. The only real downside is that it doesn’t feel rapped up yet but we’ll have to see what the future holds.


You don’t get such a heartfelt story like Monster Girls without having great characters. Mr. Takahashi is like the perfect blend of caring parent and tough teacher. The guy is actually pretty jacked to so he’s probably pretty athletic as well. I really liked his character and how he could blend a goofball with a mentor roll very well. Hikari is a vampire and a twin to another student. She’s the first demi to approach Mr. Takahashi and let him interview her. She’s a ball of energy that enjoys causing mischief but she’s very loyal to her demi friends and to Mr. Takahashi. I didn’t like her at first but by the end of the show I actually enjoyed her character and the comedy she brought to the show. Machi is a dullahan and is probably my favorite out of the students that Mr. Takahashi helps. She’s pretty quiet and doesn’t really approach people all that often but after hearing about Mr. Takahashi from Hikari she opens up to him and the two develop a great bond that was fun to watch. It provided some pretty funny moments and the chemistry between the two of them was great. Yuki is a snow woman demi. She’s an interesting character as she’s sort of two faced but I don’t really mean that in a bad way. What I mean is that she puts on this one side of her but she hides several of her interests so people won’t judge her. Mr. Takahashi helps her understand different fears she has about being a snow woman which made for some pretty heartfelt scenes. The last demi in the show is Saki who is actually a teacher like Mr. Takahashi. She’s a succubus and thus is constantly afraid of causing a reaction to her aphrodisiac effect. She comes to think that Mr. Takahashi is immune to it since he’s able to hide it when she asks him for help and thus she tries to get closer to him. This is where a lot of the “romance” comes from but in reality it’s just great comedy. In the last episode there’s a scene that just made laugh out loud and I had to pause the video because it got me that much. The supporting characters act as emphasizers for the main theme of the show which I thought was pretty good. In case I haven’t made it clear yet, the characters in Monster Girls are just great and have amazing chemistry.


Much like the show itself the soundtrack to Interviews with Monster Girls has a very lighthearted and happy go lucky ambiance. The opening song was called “Original” by TrySail. This is a very lighthearted song that just makes the listener happy…well at least for me it did. Normally these types of songs aren’t my cup of tea but something about this song was just catchy and drew me in. It’s just really hard for me to explain why I like it but for some reason I do. The ending song was called “Fairy Tale” by Sangatsu no Phantasia. This was a soft pop song that, for me, had a calming tone to it which was very much like the show. The soft piano and vocals just made for such a soothing song that it definitely needed to be in this soundtrack. It was a great song in my opinion. Masaru Yokoyama made the soundtrack for Interviews with Monster Girls. You can hear his other works in Freezing, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, and the amazing Your Lie in April. This is just one of the many great soundtracks on his resume and I highly recommend you check it out.

Voice Acting(DUB)

This was a very unique and also a great cast for Interviews with Monster Girls. It included some very great voice actors/actresses that we all know and some very good up and coming voice talents. The main cast consists of Bryn Apprill(Hikari), Terri Doty(Machi), Morgan Garrett(Sakie), Cris George(Mr. Takahashi), and Sarah Wiedenheft(Yuki). Every voice actor/actress matches exactly how I expected each character to sound going into the show. The quality of the voice acting is excellent. This was such a diverse cast and that really paid off here and I’m so glad it did. You get to hear some amazing familiar voices as well as some nice up and coming talent that certainly have a bright future ahead of them. I really loved the casting of Cris George as Mr. Takahashi. He played the part very well and completely blew away my expectations. That also goes for Morgan Garrett as Sakie. She had such a comical voice that fit the character perfectly and her drunk voice was absolutely hilarious. I have absolutely no complaints about any of these cast members and their voice acting quality is top notch here. The supporting cast is highlighted by Austin Tindle, Jamie Marchi, and Dave Trosko. There’s more great talent but unfortunately those were the only ones that I could find listed. Either way I really don’t have any complaints with any of the castings in this show. Each voice actor/actress brought their A games with this one and delivered an excellent dub performance.


Interviews with Monster Girls shows that monster girls in anime are more than just fan service and can actually have a very heartwarming story attached to them. The theme of acceptance is done in a very non preachy way that is actually very entertaining. The comedy is absolutely hilarious and will make you laugh. The characters are all very lovable and just make this show so great. The soundtrack is just as lighthearted and well made. The voice acting is phenomenal and is another great dub by Funimation. I just wish the story could continue and who knows it might. The manga is still ongoing or so I’m told so there’s hope. Currently Interviews with Monster Girls is 1 season with 12 episodes. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes slice of life anime or just wants something lighthearted to watch. I absolutely loved this show and it always seemed to put me in a good mood so I feel it’s very deserving of the score of 9/10!

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