Ghost in the Shell Movie Review

Alright so this review isn’t going to be like my anime reviews. It’s going to be shorter and not divided by sections but instead more like an overall of what I saw in the movie. Without further ado let’s begin. I’ll start out by saying yes there are some differences between the show and the movie. The movie changes the backstory of Motoko quite a bit. To be honest though it wasn’t too bad. If you’re a purist then, yes, you will not like it but if you don’t mind a little bit of change it’s an acceptable change. Another change is that they don’t show some of the characters and they add new ones but mostly they’re minor characters. I also want to say that throughout a majority of the movie Major’s name isn’t Motoko but instead is Mira. This goes along with the backstory that they give her but it did sound weird hearing her called Mira. Captain Aramaki is the only character that doesn’t speak English throughout the entire movie. The actor was fantastic but he would say something in Japanese and then people would answer him in English and they would have conversations back and forth as if they understood each other which, at least to me, made no sense. In terms of casting I think Scarlett Johanson was a necessary evil, so to speak, because they needed an A-list actor to play the lead and she sort of does look like Motoko. I’m not going to go into whether or not there was “Whitewashing” as everyone has their own opinions on that and that’s fine. I have read that Scarlett Johanson wasn’t really into the character though, and you could see that sometimes in her acting. There were times where it just didn’t feel like she was trying very hard. On the other hand Batou’s actor, Pilou Asbæk, was phenomenal. He had some really good scenes and it felt like he was actually trying when he was acting. He was really good at being Batou from the anime and was probably the closest representation in the movie of any of the anime characters. The pacing of the movie is kinda slow and doesn’t really pick up until the last hour. There are a couple pretty funny scenes that break up the bleakness. To sum it all up the movie does a halfway decent job of sticking to the theme of the anime but some changes are pretty bad. Very few actors seemed to put effort into their acting and it just ruined some things. I loved some of the movie and hated the other parts. If you’re a purist then stay away from the movie. My grade for Ghost in the Shell is a 6/10!

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