Demon Meisters Chapter 3!

Hey guys! Here’s the third chapter to Demon Meisters! It isn’t a very long chapter but some very important things happen in this chapter. Because I couldn’t smooth it out how I wanted it I had to cut stuff out which made the chapter shorter than I wanted but still I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading!





Chapter 3

       Early the next morning Bralen, Emaria, Nero, and Auriella return to the ruins they had visited the previous day. They notice that the bodies of the necromancers are still lying on the ground.

“I can see that the clean-up corps is slacking.” Auriella says annoyed.

“I made a request that everything be left untouched.” Bralen says to Auriella. “There maybe something on the bodies and even inside their sanctuary so I didn’t want anything disturbed, If we’re going to do this we’re going to do it right.” Bralen finishes.

“Well let’s get to it.” Nero says with a sigh.

They begin by examining all of the bodies and find little to nothing of interest. They search through the ruins of the sanctuary outside with similar results.

“I really don’t want to go back in there.” Emaria says with a shudder.

Auriella gives a nod of agreement.

“Nero and I will go in then. You guys go over everything out here again. If anyone finds anything be sure to let everyone else know right away.” Bralen says.

Everyone gives a nod of understanding and Bralen and Nero enter the inner sanctuary where the necromancers did all of their ghastly rituals involving sacrificing of infants and their mothers. After Nero and Bralen swing open the door Bralen has to hold back vomiting. The mangled and desecrated corpses found the previous day were left as they were but another day of rot had set in further increasing the smell and gruesomeness of the scene in the room. In the front of the room a stone alter sat high on a pedestal with several rows of pews lined up in front of the altar. Blood and body parts were sprawled all over the room. Bralen was afraid to light the torches as it would just reveal more of the scene than he ever wanted to see but knew it was the only way they would find anything.

“I know you like your shadows Nero but I won’t be able to see anything.” Bralen says.

“Yeah, yeah.” Nero says with indifference and begins to look around the room.

Bralen lights the torches in the room and all the horrors of what happened in the room come into the light.

“Bastards!” Bralen says through clenched teeth.

“Focus.” Nero says as he continues his search

“Right sorry.” Bralen says taking a deep breath.

They search through the all the mangled bodies and different parts lying around the room. They search everything until only the altar remains. Nero begins to feel around the altar seeing if the top can come off when suddenly he feels something metal on the back of the altar.

“Bralen feel this.” He says motioning to where his hand is.

Bralen reaches down and feels the round grooved piece of metal that Nero was talking about.

“It feels like it fits into a slot.” Bralen says. “Maybe we can get it out.”

Bralen begins to try and work the coin out of the slot. After a couple minutes the coin like object comes out of its slot in the back of the altar. Bralen and Nero start to look it over until the bodies that litter the room start to come back to life.

“Must have been a fail-safe measure in case any treasure hunters found this place.” Bralen says preparing to draw his sword.

“I got this.” Nero says stopping Bralen. “I’m pretty annoyed that they would think this cliché trap would actually work.”

“Really? You look the same as you always do.” Bralen says a little surprised.

“Strike from the shadows..Kurokage.” Nero says ignoring Bralen’s remark.

A black aura surrounds Nero and as he draws his sword it turns into a shadow itself.

“Night Paralysis.” Nero murmers and the shadows in the room turn into a web and attach themselves to the reanimated corpses in the room and they begin to walk in place unable to move.

“I’ll end it quickly.” Nero says closing his eyes. “Shadows spears” Nero clenches his outstretched hand into a fist and then several solid looking shadows appear out of the darkness of the room and stab into the living corpses repeatedly until they fall down dead for good this time.

“Damn Nero. I’m always surprised by your power.” Bralen says staring at the once again lifeless bodies.

Nero shrugs and then runs his hand through is messy black hair.

“I don’t understand why you’re constantly amazed by our power when you know you’re still stronger.” Nero says walking over the coin like object on the altar.

“I don’t mean it in an arrogant way, it’s just cool to see how other powers work other than mine and see the strengths and weaknesses behind them.” Bralen says defensively.

“Workaholic.” Nero says taking the coin and walking to the exit.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Bralen says laughing. “But in all seriousness, what do you think we should do about them?” Bralen points to the corpses.

“Have the clean-up corps take them and try to identify anyone. Not much else can be done.” Nero says looking back.

“Yeah I suppose you’re right. It still makes me sick to think that someone could do this to innocent people.” Bralen says clenching his fists.

“Yeah.” Nero says with a nod.

They both walk outside of the sanctuary where Emaria and Auriella are sitting on a fallen stone column.

“You guys find anything?” Bralen asks.

“Nothing that seemed important but we still have some samples to take back just in case.” Auriella says.

“What about you guys?” Emaria asks.

“We didn’t find much other than this coin-like thing. It was stuck in the back of the altar.” Bralen says pointing to the object in Nero’s hand.

“When we pulled it out the corpses came back to life.” Nero adds.

“What did you do to them?” Emaria asks hesitantly.

“Ended their suffering.” Nero says.

“Well if it had a trap connected to it, it must be of some importance.” Auriella says.

They look over the coin for anything out of the ordinary. The coin is all black except of a white skull in the middle of it with an “N” in the forehead.

“I think I know who can give us some answers to this coin.” Bralen says.

“You don’t mean him do you?” Nero says looking over at Bralen.

“He’s our best shot.” Auriella says.

“Who are you talking about?” Emaria asks looking at the three siblings.

“His name is Zera. He’s kind of a loner who used to get picked on a lot at the Meister Academy but Nero and I kind of became the closest thing to friends that he had. He’s really into researching weird things and he’s big into the occult.” Bralen explains.

“He’s a Meister? Is he in the army then?” Emaria asks

“Kind of but he never goes into combat. He’s in charge of the research team that focuses on how to train Meisters on how to control their powers.” Auriella explains.

“Like Auriella says he’s our best shot.” Bralen says.

They all gathered their things and start walking back to Lamria. On the way back the group passed the coin between themselves each taking time to look over it. They discussed what they thought that it could be used for but none of them could be very confident in their guess. Soon the looming walls of Lamria approached and the gates swung open. The group passed through the gates and through the streets ignoring the usual glares and comments from the non-Meister residents until they got to a building that was down a back street. The building was one story tall but looked like a giant grain storehouse which seemed to be so there was enough room for experiments. The group approached the door and Bralen knocked. There was some grumbling and then a shorter man who appeared to be close to Bralen’s age opened the door. The man had bags around his eyes and his blue hair was sticking up in various directions, obvious that he hadn’t bothered to wash it in a while.

“Damn it! I thought I told you morons not to bother me! Oh Bralen it’s you, and it appears you brought guests.” Zera said angrily at first but then sounded surprised. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Hello Zera, long time no see. Mind if we come in? We found something during a mission and we think you might be able to tell us what it is.” Bralen said obviously trying to sound respectful to the scientist.

“Oooh! Yes! Yes! Come in. Sorry about the mess, tons of experiments; I’m sure you understand. Now what is this mysterious object?”

The group enters the laboratory a little hesitant at first. The room is covered in papers and scientific equipment. Zera makes a little makeshift area where they can sit and talk. They all sit and Bralen pulls out the mysterious coin.

“We found this in a necromancer sanctuary behind an alter that they used for sanctuary.” Bralen says handing the coin to Zera.

“When we pulled it out the bodies in the room came to life.” Nero adds.

“Now that is interesting. Obviously a trap to stop people from looting the sanctuary but this design is very unique.” Zera says examining the coin.

“So you don’t recognize it?” Bralen says disappointed.

“I said it was unique, not that I didn’t recognize it.” Zera says with a grin.

“Really?! That’s great news!” Emaria says excitedly.

Zera looks over at Emaria and then looks to Bralen.

“I don’t mean to sound rude Bralen but, who is this?”

“This is my wife, Emaria. I thought you knew I was married?” Bralen says laughing.

“Oh you know me I tend to forget things that aren’t my experiments.” Zera says with a chuckle.

Bralen laughs and then says: “True, very true.”

“You were saying you knew about the coin?” Auriella interrupts.

“Oh, yes pardon me. The coin belongs to an ancient society of necromancers that very few have ever heard of. They’ve done some real nasty stuff but oddly enough necromancy isn’t their main gig.” Zera says still playing with the coin.

“Who are they and what do they do?” Bralen asks looking intense.

Zera stops playing with the coin and flips it to Bralen and says: “They’re called Necros and their goal……..the extinction of all Demon Meisters.”





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