Colossalcon 2016 Recap and Review

Colossalcon is an anime convention in Sandusky, Ohio held at the Kalahari Water Resort. It lasts 4 days and is always the first week in June. Colossalcon is considered a mid-sized convention and is rapidly growing in attendance each year. This is the second year in a row that the UnleashTheAnime team has gone to Colossalcon although this year being the first year that we were officially the UnleashTheAnime team!

The first day this year was Thursday June 2nd. There isn’t a whole lot to do on the first day. The Dealer Room and Guests aren’t there yet and it didn’t start until 5 P.M. EST. Honestly most of the panels on the first day are hentai related so if that’s your thing then you’ll probably like the first day. For us the first day was mostly spent in Artist Alley and the Otaku Craft Fair/Flea Market. We had money to be spent and so we wasted no time diving in. We did manage to find a couple events that were pretty cool along the way. The first being a concert by the band Ghost in Blue. They do covers of anime soundtracks. They were absolutely amazing! Their singer matched each song’s pitch almost perfectly and the guitar and bass players as well as the drummer were really good as well. I thought that the song selection was pretty good and they even brought back some feelings of nostalgia by playing some songs from the original Naruto soundtrack. Like I said check them out if your interested; you won’t be disappointed. After the concert we went to a One Piece Panel. The panel basically just went over the story of One Piece and all the characters. It was a pretty good overview of One Piece.

On Friday most of the time was spent in autograph lines. The autographs that we got that day were from Kaiji Tang who is Archer in Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, Ben Diskin who is Ban from Seven Deadly Sins, Yata in K, and Death Gun in SAO, and Cassandra Lee Morris who plays Leafa in SAO, Saki in Durarara, and Taiga in Toradora. All three of them were amazing people and were super friendly. After all that waiting in line we needed to cut loose so we went to a concert that a band from Japan called Kazha was putting on. Guys if you haven’t heard of them check them out. They remind me a lot of Within Temptation. It was an awesome experience and they put on one hell of a show. After that we went to Anime Bloopers with Cassandra Lee Morris. She showed us blooper reels of three different animes  that she has worked on. The three shows were Madoka Magika, Blue Exorcist, and SAO. This panel was absolutely hilarious. Anyone who attended aren’t supposed to talk too much about what we were shown but I can say that it was definitely worth attending that panel. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. The rest of the time was spending more money in the Dealers Room and Artist Alley

Saturday we started out in the autograph line again only this time it was to get the autograph of Vic Mignogna who voices in pretty much every anime. Not really but he does voice a lot of characters. He was amazing to meet and we even got a cool photo with him doing the Full Metal Alchemist transmutation pose. The next thing that we went to was an introduction to RWBY panel. As someone who plans on starting RWBY it was cool to get the gist of it before starting it. The next panel was a Toonami Nostalgia panel. This was one of my favorites because it brought back so many childhood memories. All of us were definitely feeling the feels. Next panel for the day was The Fringe with Chuck Huber. We went to this panel last year and were looking forward to it. Basically the panel is Chuck Huber, who voices Stein in Soul Eater, talking about conspiracy theories. It feels like you’re in class with Dr. Stein it’s a really good panel whether you agree with what he says or not. The next panel was Voice Actors Unscripted panel. It was the voice acting guests answering questions with practically nothing off limits. It was such a funny panel and made for some awesome memories. Again not really allowed to talk too much about it but it might be my favorite panel of the convention. The down time was spent again in the dealer room and artist alley getting more memorabilia and then hitting the bar for some drinks!

Sunday was the last day of the convention and like Thursday there wasn’t much to do. We started off by going to a voice actor trivia panel with Cassandra Lee Morris. It was a pretty fun panel with some awesome competition. Erika Harlacher joined the panel which made it even funnier. We didn’t win unfortunately but it was fun nonetheless. After that we paid the dealer room one last visit and then sadly departed.

Overall Colossalcon was a blast! We’re looking forward to making it a yearly thing and even adding more cons to our schedule. If you’re from the midwest and want a convention run right then come check out Colossalcon next year. Looking forward to seeing the guests for next year! Check out Colossalcon you won’t be disappointed.

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