Overlord Review

March 8, 2016 bankai57 0

Story The story of Overlord follows the story of the main character Momonga or later called Ains Ooal Gown and his adventure inside a VRMMO. Momonga had been playing the VRMMO of Yggdrasil which was …[Read More]

Spice and Wolf Review

March 3, 2016 bankai57 0

Story The story of Spice and Wolf follows a traveling merchant named Kraft Lawrence. One day he visits a town in the middle of their harvest festival and learns that the festival is to honor …[Read More]

Sekirei Review

February 17, 2016 bankai57 0

Story Sekirei is a story about a boy named Minato Sahashi who has just failed his college entrance exam for the second time even though he has some of the best grades in his class. As …[Read More]

Michiko and Hatchin Review

February 12, 2016 bankai57 0

Story The story of Michiko and Hatchin involves an escaped convict and her new found daughter trying to find the man who is the girl’s father. The setting is never explicitly mentioned but it is …[Read More]

Samurai Champloo Review

February 7, 2016 bankai57 0

Story Samurai Champloo is an adventure story where a ronin named Jin, a pirate named Mugen, and a waitress named Fuu all travel together to find “the samurai that smells of sunflowers”. The story is …[Read More]


Bleach Review

February 5, 2016 bankai57 0

This is my first review on this site so please bear with me as I develop my style. I chose to make my first review my favorite anime: Bleach. I will break it down based …[Read More]