Mei Misaki Music Video

January 5, 2017 bankai57 0

Here’s the music video that was mentioned in the Another Review. It’s a cute little video and we hope you enjoy it!! As always the video is not ours and all rights go to their …[Read More]

Magi AMV

August 19, 2016 bankai57 0

Ran across this awesome Magi AMV! As always we don’t own the video and all rights go to respective owners!!

Seven Years- Naruto AMV

July 16, 2016 bankai57 0

  Hey Everybody! Stumbled across this AMV and it hit me square in the gut with nostalgia so I thought I’d spread the wealth! As always video and song are not mine and all rights …[Read More]

Your lie In April OP 1

July 10, 2016 bankai57 0

Hey Guys! I’ve been watching Your Lie in April and really liked the first opening so decided to share it with you! It’s called Hikaru Nara by Goose House. I’m almost done with the series …[Read More]

Fairy Tail Main Theme

June 13, 2016 bankai57 0

Hey Guys! I’ve been watching the second part of Fairy Tail and I remembered how much I loved the soundtrack! Here’s the main theme from the show. Enjoy!!   P.S. As always video is not …[Read More]

Durarara Opening 2

May 18, 2016 bankai57 1

Hey Guys! I’ve been watching Durarara and Durarara x2 and I really liked the 2nd opening for the first season so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s called Complication by Rookiez is Punk’d. …[Read More]