Demon Meisters Trouble

February 18, 2016 bankai57 0

Hey guys I’ve received some feedback that the link to the Demon Meisters draft isn’t working. I’ll get to work with the other creator of the site and figure out another way to get that …[Read More]

Watamote OP 1 Video

February 18, 2016 bankai57 0

Hey guys!! I’m currently watching Watamote and I’m absolutely in love with the opening song for the show. I immediately downloaded it after hearing it and needless to say I’m addicted haha!! I decided to …[Read More]

Sekirei Review

February 17, 2016 bankai57 0

Story Sekirei is a story about a boy named Minato Sahashi who has just failed his college entrance exam for the second time even though he has some of the best grades in his class. As …[Read More]

Michiko and Hatchin Review

February 12, 2016 bankai57 0

Story The story of Michiko and Hatchin involves an escaped convict and her new found daughter trying to find the man who is the girl’s father. The setting is never explicitly mentioned but it is …[Read More]